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Competitive, innovative, future-oriented

6 competitive clusters with an innovative potential, recognised and supported by the French government, were set up in the region.
These centres bring together groups and organisations, laboratories and universities in any given industry working on particularly promising competitive and innovative projects.

PICOM, trade industries

The Commerce Industries cluster. This mainly concerns supermarket distribution and distance selling. One aim is to set up a “distribution university” in the metropolitan area.

UP-TEX, advanced textile materials

The Up-tex cluster groups activities connected with textiles. It has two programmes: innovative textiles and new clothing material.

NSL, Nutrition, health, long life

The nutrition – health – longevity cluster brings together food-processing companies and biological research laboratories. The aim is to respond to new European regulations and public expectations regarding nutrition and health.

MATIKEM, materials, chemical and green chemical industries

Set up in 2005, located in Villeneuve d’Ascq (in the North of France), the MAUD Competitiveness Cluster (Materials and Applications for a Sustainable Use) produces economic development through innovation in the fields of chemistry and materials.

I-TRANS, innovative land transportation


The I-Trans cluster concerns rail transport. A number of cooperation projects have been launched, mainly with Lille 1 University. The aim is to build Europe’s first cluster for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of rail facilities and systems.

TEAM2, environmental technologies


The cd2e is a team of environmental and business experts dedicated to supporting the environmental sector in Northern France and abroad.