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…In few figures…

15th largest European metropolis (source: Regional research Institue of Barcelona- Demographic study)

  • 2.2 million people live in this Franco-Belgian Eurometropolis (source: Eurométropole)
  • 80 head offices for companies with more than 500 hundred employees
  • Total active population: 900, 000 (source Eurometropole)
  • 100 million consumers within a 300 km radius
  • 15 head offices of multinational companies.


Lille Metropole is home to 40 head offices representing over 10,000 global establishments, which account for almost 300,000 employees. It is trialling new concepts in the world of distribution, including K-bane (sustainable DIY), Artrium (arts and crafts), (on-line food retail), La Ferme du Sart (food retail) and le Carré des Halles (Food retail).

European Capital of distance selling (66M of turnover nationally with 20,000 of our region’s people which are employed in this sector : a concentration of 70% of all jobs in France’s of distance selling industry). European Capital of retail distribution(44,000 employees with a turnover of €65 billion)


40% of French production comes from the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

2nd largest centre in France for technical textiles.

The ENSAIT in Roubaix trains 80% of French engineers in the textile industry.

The majority of European research into innovative textiles is carried out by Lille and Ghent (Belgium).


  • Health and Biotechnologies: the only specialist blood centre of its kind in Europe.
  • Europe’s largest university hospital complex with 12,500 professionals.


  • 3rd region in France for environmental activity.
  • Leader in the recycling sector.


  • a metropolis with a great future for ICT
  • 6 areas of expertise: information system security, contactless technologies, multichannel communication, knowledge engineering, design integration and publishing of software packages, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D Image Centre.
  • EuraRFID.
  • Contactless technologies skills and innovation centre.


in conjunction with the major economic sectors

  • 3 areas of international excellence: information and communication science and technology, life science and technology, materials and chemistry
  • Active involvement of all major national research bodies: CNRS, INRIA, INRA, INRETS, INSERM, ONERA etc…
  • Renowned expertise in analysis methods, as well as testing, modelling and design facilities
  • An innovation development platform, recognised at European level:
  • 65% of public laboratories are recognised as having top level expertise (A and A+ according to the 2009 study by AERES, the research and higher education assessment agency)
  • An R&D incubation facility within the Haute Borne European science park
  • 250 laboratories
  • 5 400 researchers public and private


100,000 students in France’s second largest education authority:

  • France’s biggest university network: 20,000 participants.
  • A cluster of professional training courses with links to public and private decision making centres: -In-house training centres: Auchan Group, Oxylane Group (Décathlon), Ongoing training:
  • The international Greater Lille campusgroups together three universities: Lille I (science and technology), Lille II (law and health) and Lille III (arts and humanities), between them offering the full range of university courses and catering for 60,000 students. It is also home to 2,500 researchers, 66 laboratories and 6,000 accommodation units.