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Industries of Excellence


In each one of its BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE PARKS, the city combines in one location the multiple stakeholders of any given industry. At the heart of innovation, in a specific area of expertise, sites of excellence represent a Mecca for competitiveness in the area.
There, particularly innovative projects see the light of day and are developed.


EURALILLE, a hyperactive business district and service-sector hub

The third-ranking business district in France, Euralille is also the most surprising  of such districts.
As it is directly connected to the high-speed train network and underground lines, tramway and urban bus lines, Euralille is a European hyper-hub at the core of the city.
The office offer perfectly suits the requirements of the quaternary sector, in an urban environment designed by Rem Koolhaas and created by great architects. Euralille is also a Mecca for business tourism and conferences.
Its 4 and 5-star hotels offer areas dedicated to work meetings and seminars. Finally, Euralille is also a living place in its own right, with its restaurants, shops, schools, cultural venues and parks, near the town-centre of Lille.


EURASANTE, innovation at the service of health, nutrition & biology



At the heart of the largest University hospital campus in Europe, training centres, universities, businesses and pharmaceutical companies constitute an extraordinary pool of professionals. This is how Eurasanté combines in its park all areas of expertise in the  fields of health, nutrition and biotechnologies.
Eurasanté makes it easier for scientific information to be disseminated and encourages contacts and interactions between stakeholders in the industry to develop innovative projects and efficient  collaborative efforts.
The cluster, which is supported by the city and region, emerges as a real boost for innovation, and business accelerator, to constitute a unique network of scientific and commercial partners.


LA HAUTE BORNE, at the service of high technology businesses



The European Scientific Park of “La Haute Borne” accommodates and supports companies specialised in advanced technologies, R&D, innovative services and sustainable development.
It is located at the heart of a centre dedicated to education and research, having a European dimension, including 1,300 researchers, 60 research laboratories and 50,000 students.
The objective of the “Haute Borne” Park is to promote links and encourage fruitful projects between laboratories and businesses. It also offers to organisations a quality work environment on a remarkably laid-out site.
In the Innovation HuB, the “Haute Borne” Park hosts recently-founded innovative businesses and provides them with guidance and support to encourage their development.


L’UNION, eco-district dedica ted to imaging and innovative textiles


The Union is an 80-hectare eco-district which redesigns the city in a territory undergoing deep changes. Extending over 250,000 m2, the Union hosts businesses of all sizes, houses and stores, and innovative public areas. The site combines all creative energies at the service of the technical textile industry, with the support of the European Centre of Innovative Textiles (CETI), a research tool which is unique in Europe, and a cluster dedicated to areas of expertise focused on imaging: the “Plaine Images” and its creative village, the Imaginarium, a stimulating place designed for interactions, experimentations and collaborative projects.
The Plaine Images combines 90 businesses, research laboratories and artistic projects in the fields of broadcasting technology, video games, animation and multimedia.



EURATECHNOLOGIES a business Accelerator



The Euratechnologies park is an ecosystem and the spearhead of digital economy in Lille. With over 120 enterprises in the industry of Information and Communications Technologies, and 4 offices worldwide, Euratechnologies incorporates on its site research, education, and entrepreneurship, an incubator and accelerator to promote the development of start-ups, as well as a customised mentoring offer. Euratechnologies is specialised in 4 industries: e-business and pure players, information systems and software publishing, telecommunications and networks, content industries. Its innovative approach is focused on the development of national and world scale businesses, which are competitive with their added value in terms of innovation.